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Digital Express is a leading full-service SEO agency in Dubai to give your business, visibility and wings to fly on the search engine. We are technically advanced and always a step ahead in performance when it comes to technical SEO plus User Experience audits.

Our SEO experts are industry veterans to perform in-depth keyword research, content marketing, website migration services, link building, mobile SEO, international SEO and so much more. We are a proud award-winning SEO agency with a fully supportive content team to ensure your goals are achieved with extreme precision and perfection.

Digital Express teams up with you to deliver customised and tailored service to put you higher in the search query ranking.

SEO Company in Dubai

Our Approach

SEO is a creative combination of science and creative art that drives success only when moved together as one. Our approach is to ensure delivering long-term, tangible and quantifiable results through ethical SEO.

A good SEO strategy and professional practice is to align it with your core business objectives and give a healthy return to your investment. We carefully analyse your corporate ethos, services, products and target audience to conjure up a strategy that fits perfectly to your industry needs.

Taking Technical SEO to a Whole New Level

Google is likely to reject a dysfunctional and less user-friendly website. At Digital Express, we are also web development experts to make sure each website as well as app completely coincide with the SEO strategy to strengthen it technically with a room for flexibility and convenience of changing in near future.

High-Quality Content

A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing website is no good without quality content. We have content quality assurance experts and editors to analyse every single piece of your write-up, make it perfect and purposeful as per your core business services, products and website theme. Digital Express also offers full support to new content creation that has the potential to grab users’ attention and tone as per target audience.

A Unique Promotional Strategy

We have Digital Marketing specialists that give your content the push it needs to reach higher, further on Google. We are a team of SEO experts, Project Heads and Content Marketing professionals to give your SEO-based content a promotional flair, resulting in organic traffic boost and make your brand standout in a highly saturated digital world.

Best SEO Agency in Dubai

Our SEO Retainer Elements

  • Deep Market Research & Analysis

We completely analyse the buyers’ market and their journey to craft a creative strategy that competes best with the competitors. We use a variety of software and professional insight to back our strategy with a sure-fire success approach.

  • Technical & On-Page SEO

A neater and cleaner code results in a better understanding of your website by the search engine. We carefully look into, analyse and fix possible technical SEO glitches as part of our SEO service. Whether yours is one or a thousand products, we structure on-page content as per SEO optimisation strategy that fits all search engines.

  • Digital PR

Digital Express SEO company Dubai has strategic partnership with publishers and target industries that surely gets your company ranked and connected across the World Wide Web. This is one of the core factors in catapulting the SEO rankings and results.

  • Best Link Building Agency in Dubai

Digital Express offers high-quality and strategic link building services in Dubai to establish a lasting online authority and brand. Our SEO team executes a well-planned link building strategy that guarantees in driving traffic to your website and influence visitors across the digital sphere.

Local SEO in Dubai

  • Fully-Optimised & Goal-Oriented

We are also a leading local SEO agency in Dubai to promise you highly-effective SERP-focused campaigns for businesses looking to grow their visibility in both local and hyperlocal markets. Local SEO today is even more important as the search engine giant, Google favours local search results. Choose us as your local SEO company in Dubai.

  • Review, Track & Report

A keen buyer is likely to refer to product or service reviews before conversion which is the reason they are important in securing the sale from a typical SEO perspective. Each time a customer submits a website form or establishes a call, the conversion tracking software tracks overall performance and conversion of the SEO campaign. The data is then segmented to prepare monthly reports.

Our Core SEO Services Dubai

  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • YouTube SEO
  • SEO Audit
  • Website Migration
  • Content Marketing


  • Which is better, SEO or SEM?

Deciding between SEO and SEM in terms of better and most effective depends on particular industry and nature of business. For long-term results however, SEO is considered better.

  • What is on-page SEO?

From optimising content as per SEO requirements, working on title tags, image relevancy, setting internal links, URLs, and CTRs, all is included in ON-PAGE SEO.

  • Will blogging help SEO?

Yes! Each piece of content you create is another opportunity to rank for a target keyword related to your business. The more high-quality blogs you create, the wider the net you cast across your industry’s organic search results.

  • Are SEO meta tags important?

Yes! But not all of them. There are four kinds of meta tags:

  1. Meta Keywords Attribute – A series of keywords you believe relevant to the page in question.
  2. Title Tag – The title of your page.
  3. Meta Description Attribute - A brief description of the page.
  4. Meta Robots Attribute - A signal to search engine crawlers (robots or "bots") as to what they should do with the page.
  • Which SEO techniques are popular?

Link building. Keyword research. Site audits. On-page SEO. Updating pages for relevancy. All are important.


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