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We are a multi disciplined and full-service SEO agency to offer highly-qualified local SEO services. As a leading local SEO agency in Dubai, our promise is to bring in more business, sales and unparalleled digital boost.

To hunt profitable, valuable and long-running local trade is crucial to almost all businesses. Nearly 50% online searches are now conducted with local intent, prompting online buyers to spend cash locally. Mastering both Google My Business and SEO while striking a balance between both. We at Digital Express step in to offer expert insight and amazing solutions.

We have the SEO experts to make sure your website also ranks on top of location-specific services, even on searches without a location. Our team is expert in delivering highly consistent Google My Business, citations and various other effective solutions that are a part of our local SEO services in Dubai.

Digital Express teams up with you to deliver customised and tailored service to put you higher in the search query ranking.

Understanding Google My Business

At Digital Express’s expert local SEO services, we build-up your brand’s integrity, visibility and online consistency with Google My Business to ensure a perfect first impression. We are also keen with the latest tools, technologies and algorithms that have changed the entire SEO game over the years and have given business a significant boost on the digital frontier.

Optimising websites for Google My Business to keep your entity evolving and maturing overtime. Our team carefully looks into optimising the entire Google My Business to keep increasing volume and ranking in the SERPs ranking as well as boost user experience.

Local SEO Company in Dubai

Our Strategy with Local SEO Execution

  • Native Keyword

Our SEO team optimises your website around local SEO for more accurate representation of your business and brand in the immediate market while clearly communicating the profile.

We conduct detailed and precise local keyword research to help your website appear on top whenever searched against native terminologies.

We also optimise general information of your business, like address and contact details for perfection to keep in line with the best local SEO practices.

  • Link Building

With local SEO comes building local links that lays the foundation of your business in the digital world. As your #1 local SEO agency in Dubai, our services are tailored to match the market that helps in opening up various opportunities and avenues.

Our motto is prioritising quality rather than quantity. We only deal with transparent links to create and augment content for gaining an upper hand in the local market, both in terms of organic searches plus links.

Local SEO Agency in Dubai

Services We Provide

  • Keyword Research

With local SEO, covering the market as per its genre with the appropriate topics and keywords can bring forward just the right type of content. We perform detailed keyword research to cover all major areas of your potential customer base.

Our team understands the influence of users’ location and various search terms on overall search results. We also track keywords using the best and industry-leading software to properly monitor keywords relevant to location-based searches and terms.

  • Content Optimisation

For higher local rankings, on site signals are crucial that Google identifies your business based on location. This is where our local SEO services in Dubai steps in to ensure your corporate details and location is clearly communicated to the targeted search engines and moulded just in accordance to the unique requisites. Your Name, Address and Phone Number are crucial for entry in business directories.

  • Local Backlinking & Citation

Local SEO strategy is executed best with proper backlinking which is further empowered by digital PR and citation services. For Google to understand your business better, local listings are cited against trusted media vendors which is just another best SEO strategy which our team executes with perfection.

  • Technical SEO

Being a leading digital marketing agency, Dubai, we combine technical SEO services with local SEO, optimised for mobile friendliness, page speed and user experience; all impacting organic rankings in the local, national and international market. Our SEO makes sure that all the content and pages are technically sound, gets optimal crawlability and index best. We cover all the technical SEO things with applied strategies for maximum gains.

  • Schema Markup Code

Search engines learn about their users with the help of schema as well as about the products and services your business or brand offers. We at Digital Express offer complete review and implementation of the schema markup code to ensure you’re always on the front and top of all major search engines.

Latest Local SEO Trends

  • Google is still leading all major search engines to make sure registration is updated against Google My Business and Google Maps.
  • The more the information about your business, greater are the chances of Google to have it featured and boosted in the local market for maximum visibility.
  • Tailored content optimization to the voice search and featured snippets, further assisting users with their voice-based search queries rather than text and typing.
  • Always updated with the latest local search terms, especially location-based ones.


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