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"Top Web Development Company in USA. "




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"Top Web Development Company in USA."




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"Top Web Development Company in USA."

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Case Study

Jino is an on-demand car care service in Dubai. We reimagined Android and iOS apps for them with added functionalities, including search and request washers, rating systems, past order details, and invoice systems. To help them beat their competitors, we improved the user experience by adding in-app notifications.



Case Study:

PicPax is a company that offers supplements and diet plans to help people get fitter. We designed and introduced an algorithm to their site to deliver nutrition advice after assessing people’s health. PicPax is growing in its industry with the immersive and user-friendly website we created for them.



Case Study:

Injazat is a prominent company offering management and consultation services in the corporate sector. Digital Gravity builds a user-friendly, feature-packed mobile app to help them interact with potential clients. Along with an intuitive interface, the application also features an intelligent chatbot to answer user questions.

Hire the Best Web App Development Company in Dubai

As technology is evolving, we’re seeing rapid changes in the web landscape. Take the example of web applications, they take the online customer experience to a whole new level— given that they are developed by a web app development company Dubai.

A well-designed web application can be a game-changer for your business. Compared to online websites, they are much more lightweight and thus open at a much faster rate. And you don’t need to download them; these are accessible through common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari.

Offering cross-platform compatibility, these applications are easily manageable. You are not supposed to be a coding expert to update them. Moreover, these applications feature unbreakable security therefore, they are apt for firms relying heavily on data for accurate decision-making.

For an online business, a web application can make a huge difference by streamlining business operations and allowing people to interact with the brand in a user-friendly environment.

If you’re looking to hire a reliable web application development service in Dubai to develop your app, look no further. Digital Express has a team of in-house web developers who are equally proficient in developing web applications as in websites.

No matter what your needs are, what kind of web application and features you need, and what your business is, we’ll equip your business with a well-designed, high-performance web application to accelerate your growth.

Custom Web Application Development for All Industries

Our custom web application development services are for all industries. Over the years we’ve designed hundreds of digital products for a variety of industries. Let’s name a few of those:

Real Estate

Every real estate business needs a website or web application today. A website is a place where real estate companies get to interact with their prospects, display the properties available for rent/sale, and expand their client base. Our expert web app developers have designed state-of-the-art web applications for our real estate clients.


The healthcare industry today is far more saturated than a decade before. With hundreds of pharma companies, hospitals, and screening centers offering products, services, and consultations online, a web application allows you to stand out alongside them. Digital Express is the proud digital growth partner of some of the leading healthcare providers in Dubai.


We’ve served the world’s leading automotive brands including Suzuki and Yamaha. If you are in the automotive industry, you will definitely need a website application. On your web app, you can list your products, take online orders, and ultimately boost your yearly sales and revenue. We make sure that your web application is user as well as SEO-friendly.


Designing a web application for a fashion brand isn’t everyone’s cup of team. Though any web application development company Dubai would happily take your project, the end product might not meet your expectations. Using our several years of experience and solid knowledge of the fashion industry, we create amazing web applications for fashion brands.


We take pride in creating highly impactful educational websites, web applications, and mobile applications. Our web applications include some amazing features such as responsive design, multi-language support, search engine optimization, and personalization capabilities.

Unsurpassed Web App Design & Development

So what makes our web applications the best? Here are some of the notable features of the apps we develop:

Cross-Platform Usability

Our website applications offer cross-platform usability. Thus, they work on both handheld mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computer devices. We create high-end web apps that enhance the overall user experience and user interaction with the business website.

Agile & Effective

We create web apps that are agile and effective, thus they create a rich navigation experience for users and help businesses convert leads into long-term customers. Our developers have a stronger understanding of the web landscape, they make sure your web app ties in with your business operations and growth.


There’s no point in having a web application if it’s not secure. What if someone penetrates your confidential data and leaks confidential business information? Our web app developers implement standard encryption and decryption practices to secure your website by all means.


At some point you’d want to scale your web application— it could be a change in design or at the backend functionalities. The web apps we create are highly scalable. The code is neat and well-organized so any developer in the future can make changes to it as per your needs.

The Scope of Our Web App Development Services

Our web app development services cover everything you need. From custom app development to all forms of integrations, migrations, and UX/UI development, you can trust us and hand over your project with peace of mind.

UX/UI Design

The whole process starts with the UX/UI design. This one phase sets the base of your online business. If the UX/UI is good, you will nail the online competition—or vice versa! We make sure your web app’s interface is visually pleasing and offers easy navigation to visitors. You can also hire us only for redesigning your website’s interface and experience.

Custom Web App Development

Digital Express’ web architects are experienced in designing all the latest architecture patterns, such as microservices, headless, and PWA. Likewise, our web developers are proficient in taming a wide variety of web development tools. So, for your web app, irrespective of your industry, Digital Express is the web app development Dubai service.

Quality Assurance

We have a team of qualified software quality assurance professionals who oversee every web app development project we are working on. Right from the beginning till the deployment, they will rigorously test your application to eliminate all forms of bugs. You can also hire us only for the quality assurance and testing of your app.


We can automate and streamline workflows with our web app integration service in Dubai. Our team leverages custom APIs to achieve seamless integration of your web app or portal with a CMS and software infrastructure. We’ll add new functionality modules to your existing app and use CI/CD pipeline for its smooth deployment.

Why Choose us for Web App Development Dubai?

As an online entrepreneur, you’d want to work with the best app development company in Dubai. Collaborating with a trustworthy agency means 100% quality assurance, timely delivery, and prompt response to your queries. Digital Express possesses all the attributes of the ideal agency you are searching for.

Quality Adhesion

We strive for your satisfaction, therefore there’s absolutely no compromise on the quality. Our team adheres to the most appropriate coding guidelines and quality tests. Further, our apps are SEO-friendly, perform seamlessly across all the compatible devices, and meet all your objectives.

Experienced Developers

Our developers' crew consists of various domain specialists with several years of experience and vast knowledge of technology trends. From integrating complex functionalities into your app to creating a user-friendly environment at the front, they take care of both aspects meticulously.

Excellent UI

The user interface of your web application holds immense importance. If it’s created with the user’s convenience in mind, it will yield great results for your business. The user interfaces we create are highly customizable and extensible.

Timely Delivery

We deliver whatever we commit—within the given timeline. If we are committing to deliver your product in a certain time, we will go to any length to make sure we fulfill our commitments. Our dedicated project managers, support team, and developers work together to avoid any delay in the delivery of your app.



What is a web application?


A web application is a software that resides on remote servers and is delivered to the user's device over the Internet. Unlike mobile applications, it can’t be downloaded from the internet.


What is the difference between web development and web application?


Web applications have higher and complex features compared to a website, which displays the stored data on a specific page. Also, the user of a web application can change data whereas a website visitor has no right to make changes to it.


What are the languages used for web application development?


For web application development, we use the following languages:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • TypeScript
  • Perl


How long does it take to build a web application?


A mid-level web application takes 2-3 months to complete.

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